Info About Teacher, and Lesson Content

    Hi. My name is Michael Sommerville, B.Mus (McGill). I have over 35 years of musical training, and 20+ years of professional experience. I am currently the owner of a Music Publishing/Licensing company. I am also a successful Commercial Recording Artist and Performer.  I have also studied with the best Artists and Institutions in the Country.

    I offer beginner to advanced lessons in Classical and Popular Piano, Jazz Saxophones, Acoustic and Rock Guitar. I also offer lessons in Live Recording, Music Technology, and Production.

     Beginners of all ages are welcome.

    Piano and Saxophone Students are welcome to train for their Royal Conservatory of Music Practical Examinations, and all Students are welcome to train for their RCM exams in Music Theory and History. Students not wishing to go the RCM route are just as welcome.

My “Home Studio Recording & Music Production” lessons cover ALL aspects of Music Technology: from using the many Apps found in iOS and Android devices; learning how to use and operate Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) like Apple’s Logic X, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Cubase, and FL Studio; understanding the basics of Sound Design, Synthesis, and Sampling from Analog and Digital perspectives; Composition and Arranging; and Studio Production Techniques for students who want to Record and Produce their own Music themselves.
–Note* – For Music Tech/Production lessons, Students will have to have their own Computer, preferably with a built-in Microphone (for recording Acoustic Instruments and Voice), a simple Audio Interface and microphone to record onto your computer (recommended but not necessary), along with Software of their choice (Apple’s Garage Band is free for Mac users). Student’s are welcome to use any additional Controllers/Instruments they wish.

Students can follow the RCM Syllabus, or I can assess your interests and needs on a personal, tailor-made basis, where you learn what you want to learn.

Contact: 647-923-8969